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Kevin Rees

Owner & Photographer

I have been a professional photographer for over 14 years now. Throughout my life I have always found ways to exercise my love for architecture, photography and aviation. Now I start every day wondering how I found myself so lucky to be doing those very same things for a living.


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Jeff Brenner


Ten years ago, I took an elective photography course in high school. I instantly fell in love with the craft, but only treated it as a weekend hobby. Because my passion for it continued to grow, I recently decided to dedicate my career to the art. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

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Julie Brager

Administrative Assistant

I am a mama of two boys, a lover of coffee and camping, and the organizational office piece of Rees Photography. Fun fact: I am also Kevin's big sister! I enjoy working for Rees Photography, seeing the business thrive and making sure that things run smoothly on the back end.

Kevin has my listings looking the best they ever have and it helps set my listing apart from other homes for sale and also helps set me apart as a quality listing agent in our very competitive real estate market. Highly recommend Kevin and his team!

Kyle WilkinsUniversal Lending and Real Estate

Kevin has been my preferred photographer for a couple years now. As a real estate agent, online pictures are so important to the success of every transaction. His work is excellent! He interacts well with my clients, he is engaging, easy going, and works quickly to get the best possible shots.

Jesse PennerGuarantee Real Estate

From twilight photo shoots, drone imagery, and digital remastering, he does it all. Kevin delivers amazing quality pictures and has a fast turn around. He's my photographer of choice, for all my clients.

Leo NolascoGuarantee Real Estate

I highly recommend Rees Photography, Kevin always does a great job and my clients love his work! I wouldn't use anybody else in the industry for my business.

Ryan JohnsonGuarantee Real Estate

Rees Photography is my number one choice for stunning listing photos. With so many people viewing homes online with their smart phones, having good quality photos with the proper lighting and angles is key.

Jason NenadovEquity Assets Real Estate

Dropbox for Quick & Easy Transfer

The old days of hand delivering your photos on a flashdrive are long gone! What about downloading your photos one by one through E-mail? Yeah right! Today you can download your full gallery of photos in seconds with Dropbox. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s free.

4K Video Quality

The definition of what is considered “high-definition” is always changing, and we are committed to staying right on the cutting edge. For us it’s simple, falling behind is not an option. 4K is the latest and greatest in digital video technology for the absolute sharpest in video quality.

Pro Aerial Gear

It’s no secret, drones are the latest craze. It seems like everybody’s got one, no kidding, some models are even sold as toys for kids! But we aren’t playing with kids toys, we’ve got 4K image quality, a 20 megapixel sensor, and some seriously impressive stabilization technology for clear images, and smooth movement.

Pro Cameras, Pro Lenses

The difference between an image captured on a fully automated, small sensor iPhone camera, and that of a professional grade DSLR is stunning. You get more light, much higher resolution, and perhaps most importantly a full range of customization options. Pair that with an appropriate lens for a change in depth and focus, and you’re in for some amazing photos.

Advanced Flash Equipment

 An experienced photographer knows that lighting is everything. That’s why we use multiple off-camera flashes, and specialized lighting modifiers to give our light a realistic and pleasing quality. Our advanced equipment and deep knowledge of lighting techniques allow us to highlight all of the key aspects of your space.

Social Media Interactions

The internet has shaken up real estate marketing so much, that it can almost make your head spin, but yet another opportunity is fast approaching! We believe that social media has the power to boost your sales, that’s why we interact with our followers by sharing your beautiful homes with them. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, we’re there.