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Please note: Due to time changes and limited daylight, all bookings after 6:00PM will be automatically upgraded to the Twilight Photography Package, at our standard cost of $100.


To give our clients the best value, we have structured our business with time as our most important asset.

Being compensated for our time spent traveling is essential for us being able to provide our service at our competitive prices.

We charge $50 per 30-minute drive. This fee is cumulative; for example, for us to service your listing 1 hour away from Fresno, we would bill you $100.


Our same-day cancellation policy is simple:

If you need to cancel your appointment, and are unable to do so before 8AM on the day of your upcoming appointment, you will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

By scheduling an appointment with us, that means that you agree to our same-day cancellation policy.

If you are having difficulty utilizing our online scheduling service, get in contact with us!

Kevin Rees

(559) 709-2613

Jeff Brenner

(559) 978-1901