When you order our Elite Editing Service, we use our artistic expertise to tweak, dial in, and obsess over every aspect of your images.

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Fireplace Enhancement

Because of their immersive quality, the details can be even more impactful than the big picture of your space. Digital fireplace enhancement is a feature that really sells prospective buyers on the comfort of your home. When they first walk in to that open house, they will remember their first fireside experience.

Sky Replacement

Amongst photographers it is well known that excellent photos can be tied to certain weather conditions, or a specific time of day. At Rees Photography that is all part of the past, as our technology and expertise allow us to accomplish the perfect environment for your photos, whenever you may need it.

Advanced Image Compositing

No camera, or technique exists to get a photo truly publication-perfect in one fell swoop. The process is complex, time consuming, and entirely unique for that exact time and place. Advanced Image Compositing is a process in which multiple layers of individually lit objects, and varying exposures are combined to make a single magazine quality image.

Object Removal

As an experienced real estate photography company, we understand that homes can often times still have a family occupying them, or be under construction/ renovation. If any situation presents itself where unwanted objects cannot be removed during the staging phase, we are well equipped to deal with that as part of our Elite Edits Upgrade.

a furnished rear deck with a fireplace, a living space visible in background

Pull the Bar Left or Right to Reveal Before & After