The Million Dollar Home Package is a full service package that includes anything

and everything you could ever need for your most high-end listings.

4K Films Bundle

4K Films Bundle

Premium Photo Gallery

Premium Photo Gallery

Matterport Virtual Tour

Matterport Virtual Tour

Awesome Photo Gallery

Essential Photo Gallery

Of course the essentials are covered! When you order the Million Dollar Home Package, you will receive a full gallery of essential photographs. These photos feature everything you should expect from a professional real estate photographer: artistic composition, straightened angles, color adjustment, and a bright, lively exposure above all else. We price our essential packages by the square-foot so that all of your home’s best angles always make the cut.

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 + Aerial Photo Gallery

We’re willing to bet that your million-dollar home has a killer view, and we want to show it off! Aerial photographs allow you to see properties from a unique perspective. When you order this package, we will deliver plenty of aerial stills of your amazing property.

Want to see some brilliant examples of aerial photography in use? Check this out!

+ Elite Edit Photos

Our elite editing service allows us to tweak, dial in, and obsess over every aspect of an image. Examples of elite editing techniques can include: fireplace enhancement, sky replacement, advanced image compositing, and object removal. These changes transform a great image into a signature image that you will be thrilled to make your listing’s leading thumbnail.

When you order this package, you’ll receive a healthy bundle of them in your photo gallery!

Hungry for more info on Elite Images? Visit our Elite Editing Service page here!

+ Twilight Images

What would a premium photo gallery be without a couple of twilight photos in the mix? Twilight photos are taken at the peak of the day’s beauty- dusk. These ideal lighting conditions go a long way, but it’s far from the whole picture. Visit our Twilight page to learn more about what it takes to make our twilight images really pop!

View Full Gallery

Want to see what a full premium photo gallery for this 6,000+ square foot lake-side listing looks like?

View the full gallery here!

4K Films Bundle


This package includes 2 unique short films. Each short film will run about 1 minute long, and will consist of separate music tracks and an their own distinct collection of video clips.

Why two videos? Social media platforms like Instagram have a maximum duration of 1 minute. Having two distinct films gives you two separate opportunities to reach your followers for the same listing!

See this new social media strategy in action below!

Short Film A

Short Film B

+ 4K Premier Film

This is the definitive, no-compromises video presentation for your most signature of listings. With our premier films, we have the time to feature everything that makes this home a dream property: the man-cave, the master bathroom spa, the amazing views, or perhaps even a bar by the pool- if it’s awesome, it will make the cut.

Our 4K Premier Films feature over 2 minutes of the best interior & exterior views of your property. These longer films perform excellently on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Matterport Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Enable prospective buyers to walk through your listings from anywhere!

Our Matterport virtual tours utilize the latest in cutting-edge 3D photography technology to accurately capture your spaces.

Your Matterport Virtual Tour can then be shared anywhere that allows linking via URL’s or embedded HTML, like Facebook, YouTube and MLS-compliant listing websites like,, and

+ 360°  Photos

Making a splash on social media is all about utilizing the latest technological trends. 360° photography is yet another innovation that brings your page even more impressions.