A picture is worth a thousand words.

For a realtor that picture can be worth thousands of dollars.

Essential Photography Package

This is our most affordable and best selling package; it features everything you should expect from a professional real estate photographer: artistic composition, straightened angles, color adjustment, and a bright, lively exposure above all else. We price our daytime shoots by the square-foot so that we can show off all the best angles of your home. We typically deliver at least 25 beautiful photos per 2,000 sq.-ft. home!

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Elite Editing Package

When the time comes for you to go that extra mile for a signature listing, Rees Photography has got you covered with our Elite Editing Service. When you upgrade to our Elite Edits, we will deliver magazine quality photos of the best views of your home. These in-depth edits will include sky replacement, fireplace enhancement, object removal and advanced image compositing.

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a front yard angle of a multistory home at twilight

Twilight Photography Package

Few things can get grab a prospective buyer’s attention quite like a beautiful twilight photograph. The process of achieving this breathtaking look correctly is extensive, and can only be done five times in a week. Every single one of our twilight images can consist of as much as 20 different layers of exposure, sky replacement, and lighting effects. When you order our twilight package you will get 2-3 unique twilight images.

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Welcome Home Package

Realtors and buyers are not strangers! The trials of buying a home can often create a bond between them that encourages a little exchanging of gifts. Cement your status as realtor of the year by giving them a gift that will last forever. The Welcome Home Package is our one hour photography session for families to share their new home with all of their family and friends! And when they tag you in social media, everyone will know where to find an awesome realtor!

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