A revolution in perspective is now available at your fingertips.

The Power of Aerial Coverage

Before aerial photography services were convenient and financially viable, certain listings were destined to have a noticeable hole in the coverage of key selling points. Features that really brought a lot of value to a listing were simply not able to be highlighted in such a visibly recognizable way. Now, through the power of aerial photography, listing bonuses like close proximity to a lake or lush golf course are easy for buyers to witness.

Our Expertise

It’s no secret that many people have aerial drones capable of capturing images, so many in fact, that you may find many others offering their photo & video services. The unfortunate truth about many of these providers is that many of them have not met the extensive training required to operate their drones in a safe, and privacy-conscience manner compliant with the FAA. In order to protect our own reputation, and that of our realtors, all of our operators have worked exhaustively to achieve this certification. Also distinctively professional is our gear, all of Rees Photography’s drone operators bring the latest in pro drone technology to deliver the highest quality images to all of your listings.

Adhering to these strict standards is not a job done easily, but it is of upmost importance to us. 

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