Beacon on the Lake: 53455 Road 432 – Bass Lake, CA

Just to make sure we’re all up to speed on why I’m so sold on this brilliant property, I’m opening up with what I consider to be a crown jewel: that view.

The word picturesque is so incredibly redundant here. The amazing view of Bass Lake on offer can only make you feel blessed each and every day. Location, check. Now, let’s actually take peek at this wonderful listing.

This amazing property has real L.A. mansion vibes, but unlike the Los Angeles hills, the peace and privacy is no facade, it’s all real. You’re really here among the hills and trees. Let’s dive in even deeper.

From the rich hardwood tabletop, to the colors in play, everything works. To me, this just further highlights the reason why I simply love this property: rather than relishing at every chance to try and stand out from its environment, it instead serves to compliment it. The builders chose to groove with the theme of nature, and to me, the reward is apparent.

Open up those beautiful french doors and, (deep breath in) “Ahhhh.” I can’t be the only one feeling that cool springtime breeze brushing past my skin right now, can I? This picture is one of my absolute favorites from the set, because it really gets my senses tingling. What have we left to do but take a trip outside?

Really, is there anything more you could ask for in a lakeside property? In those daydreams where I’m cooking a delectable steak dinner with my wife and pups, this is where I am- literally a dream home.

Anyways, just in case you think I’ve been teasing you this whole time, this listing’s actually on the market right now. If you share in my enthusiasm for this wonderful property, you can check it out here: 53455 Road 432, Bass Lake, CA 93604

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