Real Estate Photography

A picture is a worth a thousand words.

For a realtor that picture can be worth thousands of dollars.

Why You Need Image Galleries

In today’s real estate market, more buyers are experiencing your house for the very first time ever, online. When you consider this fact, it is no wonder why quality images of your listings are more important than ever before. We set out to fill that need, and what we found was that other photographers were still using their old model of charging by the image. We said goodbye to the old way of doing things and set out to deliver more value to realtors by charging by the square-footage instead. By offering comprehensive galleries as a standard, sellers will know that they have every image they need to get a home sold.

a marble fireplace and mantle housing a comfortable warm fire

What Gets Featured

An entire gallery of images wouldn’t do you any good if they weren’t featuring the right things. Realtors understand all too well that buyers can be very meticulous over the details of their new space. They want to know exactly what they’ll be seeing when they pull up in the driveway, while cooking with the family in the kitchen, and playing out in the backyard with the dogs. At Rees Photography, we take that responsibility seriously, that’s why we always photograph multiple angles of the front and back yard, the entryway, living spaces, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and anything else that might be of interest to a buyer, like a fireplace, or custom-made hallway hutch.

Sample Our Galleries

2671 W Lake Van Ness Cir.

This 6,000+ square-foot property was one of our absolute favorite places to capture in 2018. Click here to view the huge gallery we delivered to the seller of this nearly $2,000,000 home!

10116 N Page Ave.

This beautiful home in a Behymer suburb totals in at about 3,035 square feet. Click here to see the full set of images.

2371 E Birch Ave.

 Check out this gallery featuring this awesome brick-construction home! 

40780 Wild Iris Lane

Amazing properties like this 3,800 square-foot cabin remind you just how close we are to some incredible natural sights. You know you want to see more!

Ready to maximize your impressions?

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