Virtual Staging Service

Take a space from property

To home.

Why Stage?

Empty, Bland, Clinical.

When a home is stripped to its barest form: walls, flooring, and some appliances, the results can often times leave the viewer wanting more. Without the furnishings and lovely design touches that transform a dwelling into a living, breathing home, these spaces can look clinical and bland- definitely not a good start from a marketing perspective.

A quick peek at the after image pretty much speaks for itself, in a flash this space has gone from a property, to a home. Prospective buyers would have an easy time picturing themselves having a seat and hot cup of coffee in this cozy space.

Cozy & Lively

See the Difference!

Play Video

Options Galore

From living spaces to bed and bathrooms, our access to a library of thousands of drop-in décor assets can create a lively atmosphere in any setting. Our deep catalog of assets assures that we have what you need, no matter your home’s style.

Half the Price of Our Competitors

Turning a large, vacant room into a vibrant, inviting space is an intensive process that not only requires time, but an aptitude for tasteful home decoration as well. The industry standard for virtual staging is $100 per image, we charge $40.

Attract More Buyers

Don’t wait for buyers to imagine what your space would look like fully furnished, show them! Virtual Staging gives life to your images that builds on the immersion factor, and that is what brings buyers in the door and closing sales!

Cheaper Than Home Staging

Paying a professional home staging service can cost $1,500 a month just to maintain! When you stage your home with our Virtual Staging Service, you pay for the images and you’re done! Say goodbye to costly maintenance fees.

Ready to maximize your impressions?

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