So, what is a “tour”?

Our clients have made it clear- more options are always welcome, and you know what? We agree! That’s why we have several different options for giving online users a tour of your beautiful spaces. In providing this diverse lineup of options, however, the term “tour” is getting a little busy. We wanna nip that right in the bud and clear some things up, so, in this article have set out to discuss all of our online tour options and the key features that distinguish them. Your online tours breakdown awaits!

Matterport Virtual Tour

First on the list is our Matterport Virtual Tour. This option uses the latest in 3D-scanning technology to allow users full interactivity when browsing your space. They can walk around the house and view rooms from the angles they want to see them- all in the order they want. It has many customization options, is MLS-friendly, and even has VR support!

This is best used when an interactive experience can really make a stellar impression.

To find out more about our Matterport Virtual Tours, click here.


Play Video


In our slideshows, your expansive gallery of images will be displayed in a video slideshow. The duration depends on the amount of photos in the gallery.

This is option is optimized for use in MLS.

Play Video

Branded Slideshow

Much like our slideshows, your expansive gallery of images will be elegantly displayed in a video slideshow, this time with the added flare of your personal branding.

This option is best for use on social media.

Slideshows are a great way to introduce people to your space, they are an easy add-on to your Essential Photography Package. In our slideshows, your expansive gallery of images will be displayed in a video slideshow. Zoom effects, image transitions, and upbeat music keep viewers engaged throughout. Delivery is comprehensive: you receive the actual video file of the slideshow, and even a URL- that’s right, we’ll even host it for you!

Tourbuzz Tour

Tourbuzz is a powerful online gallery tool that empowers you to create your own presentations. It functions very much like an interactive slideshow, and has a full suite of options that include music overlaying, image captioning, and the ability to include, omit, or re-arrange your images however you want! When you’re finished crafting your presentation, simply share the URL anywhere on the web, it’s that easy! The Tourbuzz platform even sends reports and analytics about your online gallery directly to your email!

Tourbuzz presentations work best anywhere where URL sharing is appropriate, like Facebook & Twitter.

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