Your Digital Walk Through

In every product, at every price tier, our goal is to walk prospective real estate clients through your space for you. That responsibility can’t be taken lightly, and that’s exactly why we employee something of a “capture everything” mindset. In this brief article, you will get a feel for our approach to presentation, and the role we feel photography and digital marketing plays in making a sale.

Finally Home

The first step in creating an immersive sales experience for clients begins with what we call, the “Finally Home Shot”. This is the view that the buyer will be seeing every day when they arrive home. It’s a sight of respite from the long day at work, it signals peace and relaxation, and it is a key part of the digital walk-through experience. When prospective home buyers are reflecting on a presentation and weighing the home’s value, a snapshot like this will transport them back into the daydream of pulling up to this beautiful home everyday. Images like this add tangible value to the presentation of your home.

Steps Away

The buyer is just steps away from their domain. In a more orthodox walk-through, this is typically where we’d open our doors up and show them what wonders await them inside- but this property is special. We have specifically brought them here at peak-beauty-lighting to witness to the amazing, lush atmosphere that the backyard and surrounding areas have to offer.

Grand Overview

Much like your favorite, nostalgia-inducing trips to the amusement park, we want the buyer to have a map of the area. A grand overview of the grounds will showcase the wealth of awesome spaces to explore. From here, we’ve got carte blanche to take them wherever we like, so, we’re going to hang around in the backyard for a bit.

The Send Off

These buyers will have many beautiful scenes to reflect on when reminiscing on your listing. A wide aerial view of the lush, vibrant neighborhood is a really nice way to send them off here.

Thanks for sticking around and taking the time to learn more about our approach to digital real estate marketing. There’s tons of different ways you can artistically guide buyers through a wonderful listing like this one. The full gallery is below, what exciting mash-up will you come up with?

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